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Working Principle of Globe Valve

The globe valve, also called the gate, is one of the most widely used valves. The reason why it is popular is that the friction between the sealing surfaces is small during the opening and closing process, it is more durable, easy to manufacture, the opening height of it is not large, and it is convenient to maintain. It is not only suitable for medium and low pressure, but also suitable for high pressure.

1. The closing principle of the globe valve

Relying on the pressure of the valve stem, the sealing surface of the valve disc and the sealing surface of the valve seat are closely fitted to prevent the flow of the medium. The valve "Three Chemicals" once stipulated that the flow direction of the globe valves shall be from top to bottom, so there is a directionality during installation. The structural length of the globe valve is longer than that of the gate valve, and at the same time, the fluid resistance is large, and the sealing reliability is not strong during long-term operation.

2. The role of the globe valve

As one of the most important shut-off valves, the globe control valve plays an important role in the aerospace field. As an important component of aerospace equipment, the globe valves realize the functions of medium transportation, cutoff and adjustment, and its sealing performance directly affects the safe and reliable operation of aerospace equipment. The study of the influencing factors and influence rules of the sealing characteristics of typical globe valves have guiding significance for the structural design of the valve sealing pair, thereby improving the sealing performance and reliability of the valve.

3. Working principle and characteristics of the globe valve

The valve plays an important role in cutting and throttling the medium in the pipeline where it is located. Globe valve, as an extremely important cut-off valve, is sealed by applying torque to the valve stem, and the valve stem applies pressure to the valve disc in the axial direction, so that the sealing surface of the valve disc and the sealing surface of the valve seat are tightly fitted, it is achieved by preventing the leakage of the medium along the gap between the sealing surfaces.

The seal of the globe control valve consists of the disc sealing surface and the valve seat sealing surface. The valve stem drives the valve disc to move vertically along the centerline of the valve seat. During the opening and closing process of the globe valves, the opening height is small, which is easy to adjust the flow, and it is convenient to manufacture and maintain, and the pressure is applicable to a wide range.

Compared with another commonly used cut-off valve in industrial production - the noisy valve. Structurally, the globe control valve is simpler than the former, and is easy to manufacture and maintain. In terms of service life, the sealing surface of the globe valve is not easy to wear and scratch, and there is no relative sliding between the valve disc and the sealing surface of the seat during the opening and closing of the valve, so the wear and scratches on the sealing surface are small, then the service life of sealing is improved. In addition, during the fully closed process of the globe valve, the valve flap travel is small, and its height is smaller than that of the noisy valve.

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