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Zirconium Check Valves

Check Valves made of zirconium offer excellent resistance to high-temperature acids. They are often used in acetic acid applications or on high-temperature heat exchanger pipes. They are also commonly used at nuclear power plants. Zirconium alloys offer excellent resistance to corrosion in agressive environments such as mineral and organic acids, alkalides, salts and other gaseous mediums. One of the main uses of zirconium alloys is in nuclear technology, as cladding of fuel rods in nuclear reactors, especially water reactors

Zirconium Check Valves
Zirconium Check Valves

Anti-corrosion characteristic and application of Zirconium Check Valves

  • Have excellent corrosion resistance for any density and high temperature even boiling hydrochloric acid, it is not easy to have slit corrosion, point corrosion and stress corrosion.

  • Available in the sulfuric acid medium which a density below 70% and temperature are a boiling point or higher than the boiling point.

  • Available in any density acetic acid medium below 250℃, and does not corrode nearly.

  • It is a unique anti-corrosion material that applicable for any density alkaline solution and the fusing alkali medium.

  • It has extremely good corrosion resistance in the organic acid.

Attention of Zirconium Check Valves

  • Forbid strictly applying in the hydrofluoric acid, the aqua regia, the hydrofluosilicic acid and sulfuric acid, in the nitric acid nitration mixture medium.

  • Forbid strictly using in the dry chlorine and the fuming nitric acid medium.

  • Must fully consider the corrosive medium temperature, medium ingredient, various ingredients density, water content and so on four aspects when selecting the zirconium valves.

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