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Titanium Gate Valves

Titanium and titanium alloys are non-ferrous high chemical activity metals. Titanium materials have oxide films, good stability and self-passivation ability in strong corrosion environment, so titanium valves can resistance a variety of harsh corrosion conditions.

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Selectable Grades Of Titanium Gate Valves

Material Group

Castings Grades

Forgings Grades

Bar Grades

Titanium Gr. 2

B367 Gr.C-2

B381 Gr F-2

B348 Gr.2

Titanium Gr. 3

B367 Gr.C-3

B381 Gr F-3

B348 Gr.3

Titanium Gr. 5

B367 Gr.C-5

B381 Gr F-5

B348 Gr.5

Titanium Gr. 6

B367 Gr.C-6

B381 Gr F-6

B348 Gr.6

Titanium Gr. 12

B367 Gr.C-12

B381 Gr F-12

B348 Gr.12

Titanium Gr. 7

B367 Pd7B

B381 Gr. F-7

B348 Gr.7

Application Of Titanium Gate Valves

The manual regulating valve can be used for Alkali, Urea project, Nitric acid, PTA, Paper project, Desalination and FPSO industry, Oil refining, etc. variety of harsh corrosion conditions. Excellent corrosion resistance, lightweight, hard, smooth surface. The titanium gate valves have high performance with safe, reliable, long service life. Weidouli is a reliable valve maker that offers different industrial gate valve for various usages.

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