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Nickel Gate Valves

Weidouli is a leading manufacturer of Nickel 200 and Nickel 201 valves, these material valves are primarily selected for use in high temperature and or corrosive environments.

Nickel 200 is commercially pure (99.6%) wrought nickel.  It has good mechanical properties and excellent resistance to many corrosive environments.  Other useful features of the alloy are its magnetic and magnetostrictive properties, high thermal and electrical conductivities, low gas content and low vapor pressure.

Nickel Gate Valves Cost

Characteristics Of Nickel Gate Valves

The corrosion resistance of Nickel 200 makes it particularly useful for maintaining product purity in the synthetic fibers, and caustic alkalies; and also in structural applications where resistance to corrosion is a prime consideration.

Nickel alloy valves are able to endure the corrosion which the common stainless steel and other materials cannot stand, ensuring the long-term stable operation of pipeline control valves in extremely harsh corrosive medium, such as the transportation and treatment of concentrated alkali

Nickel is distinguished by ductility, strength, and resistance to corrosion and heat. It resists corrosion even at high temperatures and concentrated alkali.

Nickel Gate Valves Industrial Processes Applications

Nickel is a type of industrial gate valve excels in many industrial processes. The following are some of the environments in which Nickel is fully resistant.

• Inorganic Acid                                 • Soil                                                
• Hydrated Oxide                               • Alkanol                   
• Aldehyde                                         • Ether
• Ketone                                             • Alkali
• Phenol                                             • Organic compounds

Application Of Nickel Gate Valves

Weidouli is a professional valve maker that able to offer manual regulating valve used in different industries.

  • Chemical

  • Petrochemical

  • Oil & Gas

  • Metallurgy

  • Desalination

  • Power plant desulphurization

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