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Zirconium Plug Valves

Zirconium is an expensive corrosion-resistant metal material with excellent resistance to corrosion by acids and alkalis. In some media, it even exceeds metals with good corrosion resistance such as niobium and titanium. Zirconium alloys have been gradually used in recent years as structural materials for equipment and pipelines in the chemical industry due to their good corrosion resistance.

Known for excellent corrosion-resistant properties in chemical processing industry, Zirconium performs outstanding resistance to corrosive attack in most organic and inorganic acids, salt solutions, strong alkalis, and some molten salts.


Grade: Zr 702, Zr 705, UNS R60702, UNS R60705

Zirconium Plug Valves

Zirconium Plug Valves Design

  • Double gland adjusting design

  • Trunnion Plug design

  • Live Loaded Belleville spring

  • Advanced Stem threefold Sealed design

  • Packing box design

  • Plane Bearing

  • Compact and Robust Body Design

  • Fine Tuning of the Angle of Plug

Weidouli Zirconium Plug valves have the advantage of deposit-free, anti-crystallation, Anti-corrosion, and anti high temperature and pressure, which is the ideal product for pipe line process, especially in acetic acid & acetic anhydride

Applications of Zirconium Plug Valves

  • Chlor-Alkali Industry & Alkali Industry

  • Pharmaceutical industry

  • Chemical Fertilizer Industry

  • Organic acids and inorganic salts production & Nitric acid industries

  • Textile Fiber synthesis and bleaching

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