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Inconel Gate Valves

Inconel has many different grades, such asInconel600,Inconel625 and Incoloy 800H. Different grades have different corrosion resistance, being able to meet various industrial applications. Valves have applications majorly in Hydraulics and Pneumatic Industry. Railways, Industries, Defense and Research & Development have bulk consumption of Valves as well.

Inconel Gate Valves

Uses Recommended Of Inconel Gate Valves

  • Inorganic acid, high performance of corrosion resistance

  • Seawater and saline solution, high performance of corrosion resistance

  • Digester and bleacher in the pulp &paper industry

  • Nuclear steam generator, high performance of high temperature &corrosion resistance

  • Heat-exchange equipment, high temperature resistance

  • Chemical industry, good corrosion resistance and high strength

Inconel is family of austenitic nickel-chromium-based superalloys. Inconel alloys are oxidation and corrosion resistant materials well suited for service in extreme environments.
Different Inconels have widely varying compositions, but all are predominantly nickel, with chromium as the second element, good resistance to stress corrosion in high concentration chloride solution.

Applications Of Inconel Gate Valves

Inconel alloys are typically used in high temperature applications, especially in high-temperature water or in which containing NaOH. Widely used in high-temperature water, high-temperature alkali solution, etc. corrosive environments.

• NAOH                                                  • Nitric Acids
• Phosphoric Acids                                 • Mixed Acids
• Sulfurous Acids                                    • Organic Acids
• Alkalis                                                   • Salt Solutions
• Hydrogen Sulfide                                 • Acetaldehyde
• Acetic acid                                            • Acetic anhydride
• Acetylene                                              • Acrylonitrile
• Alcohols                                                • Aluminum chloride
• Aluminum Sulfate                                 • Amines
• Ammonia Anhydrous                            • Amm. Bicarbonate
• Ammonium carbonate                          • Ammonium chloride
• Ammonium hydroxide

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