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Inconel Check Valves

Weidouli offers a comprehensive range of Inconel check valves for all types of applications and industries.

As for pressure seal check valves, it has ASME B16.34 design, bolted cover type. As for its end connections: Flange RF, RTJ, Butt Weld are all standard units. 

The other available type of Weidouli Inconel check valves including, Inconel dual plate check valve, Inconel nozzle check valve, Inconel single plate check valve, Inconel lift type check valve, Inconel swing check valve.

Inconel Check Valves
Inconel Check Valves
Inconel Check Valves

Material Definition Of Inconel Check Valves

INCONEL alloy is a kind of nickel-based Austin super heat-resistant alloy. Due to the strengthening effect of molybdenum and niobium solid solution contained in Ni-Cr alloy, it has ultra-high-strength and extraordinary anti-fatigue properties in the range of low temperature to 1093℃. It is widely used in the aviation industry and is suitable for making anti-oxidation parts that can bear a low load below 1100℃.

Material Features Of Inconel Check Valves

Inconel alloy has high tensile strength, fatigue strength, creep strength, and fracture strength at 700℃, high oxidation resistance at 1000℃, stable chemical performance at low temperature, good welding performance, and easy to process.

Although the alloy is designed for strength at high temperatures, the high content of chromium and molybdenum provides high resistance to a wide range of corrosive media.

What is Inconel Used for?

With good performance in high heat, Inconel is generally resistant to chloride pitting and fatigue stress. Due to high chemical and temperature resistance, Inconel check valves can be used in a variety of applications, including jet engine exhausts, flare stacks, seawater equipment, and chemical plant equipment. Here are mainly three uses for Inconel.

  • Oil & Gas Extraction

Inconel is an ideal material in the oil and gas extraction industries due to its oxidation-resistant properties.

  • Saltwater Applications

Inconel is frequently used in the marine area because of its extraordinary resistance to sodium chloride.

  • Heat Treat Applications

Inconel is fantastic in extreme temperatures. It can retain enough tensile strength at high temperatures to keeping holding loads.

What is the Difference between Monel and Inconel?

The major difference between Monel and Inconel is the material elements. They all have nickel as their main metal. But Monel has copper while Inconel has Chromium instead. To improve your understanding of the comparison of Monel and Inconel, the elements of copper and chromium are unavoidable to be discussed.

  • Nickel and chromium are amazing at fending off oxidation and high-temperature corrosion. This makes them ideal for places that interact with different gasses and large temperature variances.

  • While nickel and copper are fantastic for corrosion resistance. Their outstanding strength is good at protecting the parts from corrosion.

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