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Valve Accessories

It usually needs many accessories when the valves are installed in the piping line. Normally, these accessories include flange, flange gasket and installation bolts &nuts.

Bolts & Nut Used For Flange Installation: Weidouli can supply customize material bolts &nuts.

Valve Accessories: Flange Gasket

The gasket is a kind of plastic deformation and has a certain strength of the material made of the ring. Most of the gaskets are cut down from non-metal plates or made by professional factories according to the specified size, its materials are asbestos rubber plate, asbestos plate, polyethylene plate, etc. There is also a winding gasket made of a thin steel belt and asbestos belt. The most commonly used is the metal winding gasket made of stainless steel belt and graphite. 

According to the different use environments, the winding belt can also be made of asbestos. An ordinary rubber gasket is suitable for a temperature below 120℃; an asbestos rubber gasket is suitable for water vapor temperature is lower than 450℃, oil temperature is lower than 350℃, pressure is lower than 5MPa occasions, for general corrosive media, the most commonly used is acid-resistant asbestos plate. Lens or other shapes of metal gaskets made of copper, aluminum, No. 10 steel, stainless steel are used in high voltage equipment and piping. The contact width between the high-pressure gasket and the sealing surface is very narrow (line contact), and the processing finish of the sealing surface and the gasket is high.

Types Of Accessories

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