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Titanium Check Valves

Titanium and titanium alloys are non-ferrous high chemical activity metals. Titanium materials have oxide films, good stability and self-passivation ability in strong corrosion environment, so titanium valves can resistance a variety of harsh corrosion conditions.

Due to its high cost-effective and high corrosion resistance, the titanium check valve can be used in many high corrosion medium. In the civil corrosion resistance industrial transmission pipeline, the titanium check valve solves many corrosion problems that the Stainless steel, Copper or Aluminum check valves can't solve. The titanium check valve has excellent corrosion resistance, high specific strength, small weight, hard, smooth surface that limits adhesion of foreign materials, heat resistance and so on advantages.

Titanium Ball Valves
Titanium Ball Valves

Application Of Titanium Check Valves

  • Alves titanium check valves are widely applied in the Chlor-alkali industry, soda industry, the pharmaceutical industry, fertilizer industry, fine chemicals industry, basic organic acids and

  • inorganic salt manufacture and nitric acid industry fields etc.

Applicable Design Standard & Test standard Of Titanium Check Valves

  • Design standard: API 6D,BS1868,API 594,EN10739

  • Test standard: API598

Attention of Titanium Check Valves

When choose titanium check valves, must fully consider the corrosive medium temperature, the medium ingredient, various ingredients density, water content and so on four aspects. The valves not suitably uses in the 98% red smoke nitric acid, dry chlorine which waterless 1.5%, pure oxygen, temperature over 330℃ conditions, etc.

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