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Product Development | Pneumatic Full-pass Plug Valve QX647F-150LB-20"

Research and Development Background

This batch of R&D products serves the caprolactam project, and the main medium of the service section is ammonium sulfate powder.


This section initially used a flapper valve, which had internal leakage during use, seriously affecting the project production progress. Then the customer consulted our company and hoped to find a  valve solution suitable for the on-site working conditions.


After multiple technical communication, we decided to try to use a large-size full-bore plug valve for design and development. After repeats of tests in stages such as mold design, machining, and pressure testing, the product was put into mass production.


Manufacturing Difficulties

  • Casting of valve body: Easily to deform during casting.  

  • Machining of the valve: The concentricity needs to be consistent during machining.   

  • Assembly of the valve: The sealing compression ratio should be reasonable during assembly.


Product Advantages

The full-bore plug valve not only combines the requirements of the full bore flow channel of  ball valve ,but also retains the original advantages of the plug valve such as good sealing, no cavity, no deposition, anti-crystallization, and anti-erosion.


Compared with the Venturi structure plug valve: The conventional Venturi rotary valve cannot meet the flow rate of the medium.


Compared with the ball valve: There is a cavity inside the ball valve, which can easily crystallize under special working conditions and cause the valves can't be opened and closed.

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