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Metallurgy Valve Pal

Types of Pal Valve

In view of the harsh working conditions of high temperature and high pressure in the metallurgy industry, as well as the strong corrosion, easy crystallization, and the impurities particles in the conveying medium, our company independently develop special valves for smelting, including Slurry letdown and vent angle valves, plug valves, metal seat ball valves, oxygen valves, discharge valves, butterfly valves, check valves, etc.

Weidouli Valves For Metallurgy 

  • With the rapid development of the metallurgy industry, this application of valves also improved a lot, so strict quality control had played a rather more important role to ensure stability and safety during the production.

  • To serve the metallurgy industry, our Titanium, 904L, duplex, super duplex plug/ball/flash drum control valves with corrosive resistance are available for your applications.

  • Weidouli valves already offered a variety of custom-made solutions for metallurgy applications. We have more experience and the ability to provide our clients a high-quality, high-tech, and professional solution in the valve application.

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