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Main Structural Features and Operation of the Fixed Ball Valve

The fixed ball valve adopts the design of fixed valve core (shaft support type) and movable sealing seat, which ensures stable operation. It has automatic compensation function, large shearing force and self-cleaning function when there is no gap rotating between the bidirectional sealing valve seats. It is particularly suitable for switching of suspended liquids and viscous media with imperial fibers and small solid particles. The fixed stainless steel ball valve product can be widely used in the automation control system of papermaking, petrochemical, chemical industry, metallurgy, electric power, environmental protection, petroleum, light industry and other industries.

Structural characteristics of fixed ball valve

Blocking and discharging

The fixed ball valve adopts spring pre-tightened floating valve seat. Whether the valve is in the fully open or fully closed state, the valve seat on the upstream and downstream sides blocks the fluid, and the stagnant material in the valve body cavity is discharged through the discharge valve. When the valve is in the closed state, the valve seat on the upstream and downstream sides blocks the fluid. The accumulated stagnation in the cavity of the fixed ball valve can be discharged. The discharge device has the following functions:

  • Check whether the valve seat leaks or is damaged in advance.

  • Reduce the pollution of the fixed ball valve caused by medium replacement.

  • Under working pressure, when the valve is in the fully open or fully closed state, the packing chamber of the valve stem can be replaced.

Automatic pressure relief

When the temperature of the medium in the valve body cavity where the valve is stationary rises abnormally and causes abnormal pressure rise, it can automatically relieve pressure by relying on the function of the valve seat without passing through the safety valve. This is very important for ensuring the safety of the valve when transporting liquid media. When the medium stopped in the cavity of the ball valve appears abnormal pressure rise due to temperature rise, the valve seat automatically relieves pressure or the safety valve installed on the valve body ensures system safety.

Complete sealing

The fixed ball valve adopts a unique sealing method, which completely blocks the fluid.

Fireproof structure

In case of fire or when the special fluorine turner seat softens and burns due to abnormal temperature rise, in order to prevent the spread of fire, the operation of the fixed ball valve is still reliable, and the target seat support can be connected with the ball for instant sealing.

Sealing emergency grease injection

If the seat seal of the valve fails unexpectedly due to foreign matter in the medium or fire, the grease injection valve provides quick connection with the grease injection gun, which can conveniently and quickly inject sealing grease into the seat sealing position to relieve leakage.

Reliable valve stem sealing and low operating torque

In addition to setting standard sealing rings, "O" ring sealing rings are also set on the filler cover, and double sealing ensures the reliability of valve stem sealing; the added graphite filler and grease injection reduce valve stem leakage to the lowest level after fire. Valve stem sliding bearing and thrust bearing make the valve operation light.

Operation and use of fixed ball valve

  • Before operation, it is necessary to ensure that the pipeline and fixed ball valve have been flushed.

  • The valve operation is completed by driving the valve stem to rotate according to the size of the input signal of the executing agency: when rotated positively for 1/4 circle (90°), the valve is closed. When rotated negatively for 1/4 circle(90°), the valve is opened.

  • When the direction indicator arrow of the executing agency is parallel to the pipeline, the stainless steel ball valve is in the open state; when the indicator arrow is perpendicular to the pipeline, the valve is in the closed state.

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