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Performance Characteristics and Application Industries of Plug Valves

Ball valve is a quick-opening straight-through valve. Due to the wiping effect between the rotating sealing faces, the valve can fully prevent contact with the flowing medium when fully open, so it can also be used for media with suspended particles. Another important feature is its easy adaptation to multi-channel structures, so that one valve can obtain two, three, or even four different flow paths. This can simplify the design of pipeline systems, reduce the amount of valves used, and eliminate the need for some connecting accessories in equipment.

Performance characteristics of ball valves

  • Excellent high and low temperature performance, good pressure resistance, no solidification, dissolution, or dispersion.

  • Excellent sealing, adhesion, and lubricity, and very low volatility loss.

  • Good water resistance, electrical insulation performance, and chemical stability, non-toxic, tasteless, ozone-resistant, and weather-resistant.

  • Strong adaptability of materials, wide range of use temperature, applicable temperature range: -40 ~ +200℃.

Main features of ball valves

  • The structure of ball valve is simple, the switch is fast, the fluid resistance is small, and the angular stroke operation is fast.

  • Soft-sealed ball valves are commonly used in harsh environments such as corrosive, highly toxic, and highly hazardous media that strictly prohibit leaks, and situations where the valve material will not contaminate the medium.

  • Self-lubricating materials can be used according to the use temperature and working medium, with good lubrication, small friction coefficient of seal pair during the entire working process, flexible operation of the plug body, and long service life.

  • Suitable for gas-solid with high flushing, liquid-solid phase media, such as PVC, urea, phthalic anhydride, caustic soda production equipment, or high-demand media for external leakage, such as HF, phosgene, etc.

  • The medium can flow in both directions, the installation direction is unrestricted, and online maintenance can be realized, making it more convenient to use. The unique design of ball valve can prevent static electricity, ensure safety and fire prevention, and use safely.

Application industries of ball valve

  • Ball valves are commonly used for the lubrication and sealing of various faucets, water meters, valves (ceramic water valves and ball valves), bathroom fixtures, and diving equipment.

  • Ball valves are suitable for plastic and rubber parts such as toys and electrical appliances, "O" ring seals, etc., and can maintain lubrication and waterproof sealing functions steadily and lastingly.

  • Ball valves are suitable for insulation of motors and electronics, sealing of semiconductors, waterproofing, anti-conduction, anti-fouling spark, preventing moisture from entering high-voltage electronic connection systems and electrical equipment, preventing corona discharge and eliminating arcing. They can also be used for film removal, waterproofing, damping, shockproofing, and anti-oxidation.

  • Ball valves are suitable for sealing and lubrication between plastic and plastic, plastic and metal, and metal and metal.

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