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Do You Know the Selection Standard of Stainless Steel Check Valve?

We know that stainless steel check valves are generally used to prevent backflow of the medium, so they are installed on equipment, equipment and pipelines. It is generally suitable for cleaning media and should not be used for media containing solid particles and high viscosity. However, there are many types of stainless steel check valves. How should we choose the right type? Let's take a look at Viduri.

1. Selection criteria of stainless steel check valve

Different types of stainless steel check valves have different working characteristics, so we should pay special attention to its type when purchasing stainless steel check valves.

(1) The vertical lift type is usually selected on a horizontal pipe with a nominal diameter of 50mm. The straight-through type can be installed on both horizontal and vertical pipes. But for the inlet piping to the pump, the bottom valve should still be used. The bottom valve is usually installed on the vertical pipe of the pump inlet, and the medium is to flow from the bottom to the top.

(2) If it is a lift-type rotary type with good sealing performance and large fluid resistance, a horizontal valve should be installed on the horizontal pipeline, and a vertical valve should be installed on the vertical pipeline. The installation position of the swing check valve is not limited. It can be installed on horizontal, vertical or inclined pipelines. If it is installed on a vertical pipeline, the flow direction of the medium should be from bottom to top.

(3) Butterfly check valve, its installation position is not limited, it can be installed on horizontal pipelines, and can also be installed on vertical or inclined pipelines. Another type of diaphragm check valve is suitable for occasions where water hammer is prone to occur on the pipeline, because the diaphragm can well eliminate the water hammer phenomenon caused by the backflow of the medium, so it is usually used in low pressure and normal temperature pipelines, especially for tap water. pipeline.

(4) Ball check valve, which is mainly suitable for medium and low pressure pipelines and can be made into large diameter.

2. The manufacturer of stainless steel check valve

The selection criteria of stainless steel check valves are roughly divided into the above points. If you have any doubts when purchasing stainless steel check valves, you are welcome to come and consult us. Founded in 1989, we are a Chinese industrial valve manufacturer and supplier specializing in high alloy valves. With the improvement of production capacity and the satisfaction of domestic and foreign customer needs, we have built a modern factory with advanced large-scale CNC machine tool equipment, manufacturing, inspection and testing facilities. Our commonly used materials include titanium, zirconium, nickel, Hastelloy, Monel, Inconel, Nickel Aluminum Bronze, No. 20 Alloy, 904L Alloy, Duplex/Super Duplex Stainless Steel, Tantalum and other high alloys, stainless steel. You are welcome to consult our products online!

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