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Weidouli Valves and BAOTI Group Signed a Strategic Cooperation Agreement

On July 16, our chairman and general manager Xia Chongmao and BAOTI Group general manager Jia Shuanxiao signed a strategic cooperation agreement for the next four years on behalf of both parties.


On this day, Jia Shuanxiao, general manager of BAOTI Group, three other people, our directors Xia Chengrui, Wang Guoqiang and Wang Hanguang, and executives Wang Xuefeng, Wang Bowen and Wang Tianxiang attended the signing ceremony.


At the same time, our company awarded BAOTI Group the "2020-2021 Best Strategic Cooperation Supplier Award".


After the ceremony, the leaders visited the company's modern exhibition hall, automated assembly line, dust-free workshop, etc., and conducted in-depth exchanges on business.

For more than three decades, Weidouli Valves has specialized in valve solutions for a variety of severe service conditions. BAOTI Group has provided high-quality raw materials for Weidouli Valves' titanium and titanium alloy, zirconium and zirconium alloy valves for many years.


Weidouli's titanium and zirconium valves are excellent in corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance. We have been serving the fields of papermaking, chemical industry, smelting, seawater desalination, wastewater treatment, new energy and other fields for many years.


BAOTI Group is a partner of Weidouli Valves, and we hope that both parties will continue to cooperate happily and create a win-win situation in the future!

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