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What Are the Principles for Installing the Gas Regulator Valve?

During the use of the gas regulator valve, the compressed gas can be used as the power source and the cylinder as the actuator, which can realize the on-off or proportional adjustment. We can also see the specific principles to be followed when installing the gas regulator valve. Proper and reasonable installation can effectively regulate and control the flow, pressure and temperature of pipeline medium, so as to ensure more obvious performance characteristics.

1. The installation position of gas regulator valve shall be reasonable

In the installation process, it needs to be a certain height from the ground, and there needs to be a certain space up and down the valve. In the process of use, it can be convenient for repair and maintenance. Usually, when installing the gas regulator valve, you can see what kind of position is more reasonable. You must ensure the convenience of operation observation and adjustment. Otherwise, there is no way to repair in time in case of failure, which may also bring great losses.

2. Before installing the gas regulator valve, the sundries in the pipeline shall be cleaned

Before installing the gas regulator valve, the foreign matters or impurities in the whole pipeline must be effectively cleaned, otherwise it will affect the later use. Usually, when installing and using the regulating valve, the working environment temperature needs to be between minus 30 ℃ and 60 ℃, which can be better used under a certain temperature environment. When the diameter of the regulating valve is different from that of the process pipeline, it also needs to be connected with a reducer.

Through the above contents, we can not only better select the gas regulator valve, but also know the matters needing attention in installation. The characteristics of the regulating valve provided by Weidouli Valves Co., Ltd are very obvious. When using, it must be in a dry room, and the safety passage cannot be blocked. The condition of long-term storage requires regular maintenance to prevent rust or failure of normal use.

In the past decades, Weidouli Valves has been working hard to ensure our advantageous industry position. It has become a respected and valuable enterprise in the application field of anti-corrosion valves, and has formed a culture of "sincere cooperation and win-win". We provide high-quality valves for sale at a low price and can be wholesale. You are welcome to buy valves in bulk.

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