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Weidouli's Environmentally Friendly Valves: Low Leakage

Weidouli has recently obtained another batch of low leakage valve test certificates in line with ISO 15848-1 and TA-LUFT standards.

So far, Weidouli has passed the low leakage test of ball valve, gate valve, globe valve, plug valve, butterfly valve, regulating valve, etc. under the witness of a third party in recent years, and has successfully obtained 28 test certificates of low leakage valve conforming to ISO15848-1, TA-LUFT, API 641, API 624 and other related standards.

The acquisition of this certification not only indicates that the product performance of Weidouli valves in severe working conditions has been further recognized internationally, but also means that the company's products have gone further on the road of eco-friendly valves.

Some certificates related to low leakage valves of Weidouli

Knowledge extension

Low leakage means that it cannot be determined by conventional water pressure and air pressure tests. More scientific means and precise instruments are needed to detect the small external leakage.

Valves that meet low leakage requirements have been widely used abroad. In recent years, with more and more exchanges between domestic and foreign projects, some domestic projects involving toxic media and flammable and explosive media have also begun to use low leakage valves.

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