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Freeze Protection and Maintenance of the Gate Valve in Winter

In the winter, the temperature drops rapidly, and the gate valve often freezes. If it is not handled at this time, the pipeline is prone to failure. If it is in some high-risk conditions, accidents may also occur. Therefore, the antifreeze treatment of the gate valve is very important.

1. Heat insulation work of the gate valve

Before the temperature drops, it is necessary to carry out an all-round heat insulation work on the gate valve device to make "preparation for winter." Prepare the necessary tools: heat preservation cotton, iron wire, vice, utility knife, and equip an effective coal gas alarm in the gas area.

2. Heat insulation tool for the gate valve

According to the size of industrial gate valve, use a utility knife to cut the heat preservation cotton to a suitable size. Use a vice to cut the wire that needs to be tied up. When wrapping the heat preservation cotton, tear it a little to make it bypass the gate valve handle so as to better wrap the valve body. After wrapping the heat preservation cotton, fix it with iron wire.

3. Treatment of the freezing of the gate valve during use

In the process of using, if you find that there is freezing phenomenon and the gate valve can not operate normally, do not knock the gate valve with a wrench or other heavy objects. The correct way is to close the gate valve, use steam or hot water to thaw the gate valve before opening the gate valve.

4. The awareness of freeze protection and maintenance of the gate valve

If the gate valve is not used for a long time, the medium in the pipeline should be completely removed to prevent the pipeline and gate valve from freezing. Ensuring safe production is an obligation and responsibility of every enterprise. The freeze protection of the gate valve can be a trivial or important thing, and we cannot cause an irreversible situation because of a momentary negligence.

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