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Why Are Ball Valves Frequently Used in Various Fields?

In the 1950s, ball valves gradually appeared in the industrial production of western developed countries. And its usage rate is rising year by year, and people are constantly improving various performances. Nowadays, ball valves are mainly used in pharmaceutical machinery, petroleum refining, water conservancy and chemical industry, electric power, municipal papermaking, steel and other industries. These industries have a very important position in the national economy. Therefore, ball valves are also indispensable equipment in these industries.

1. Advantages of ball valve

In the field of valves, there are many kinds of valves. The reason why the ball valve can stand out and be frequently used in various fields is inseparable from its irreplaceable advantages. So, what are the advantages of ball valves?

(1) First of all, the non-negligible advantage of the ball valve is wear resistance. According to technicians in the industry, for valves, wear resistance is an important factor in testing the quality of the valve. The sealing ring material of the ball valve is alloy steel surfacing, while the general valve sealing ring is rubber or other metals. These materials are not available. The alloy steel surfacing of the ball valve has good wear resistance. We all know that the valve is a switch, it needs to be opened and closed, and at the same time of switching, the sealing ring will be subject to relatively large wear, but the sealing ring of the ball valve will not happen.

(2) Secondly, the sealing performance of the ball valve is very good. It is understood that the seal of the ball valve is not ground by machine, but by manual grinding, which can ensure a higher degree of fit, so the sealing performance is very reliable. In addition, the service life of the ball valve is very long. This is also a point that manufacturers pay great attention to related production equipment. Because it is often used in major production line industries, if its life is not long enough and it needs to be replaced frequently, it will become very troublesome and cause many mistakes.

2. Ball valve selection skills

As an opening and closing part with the help of a valve stem, the stable performance of the ball valve is very important. Therefore, some details need to be followed in the selection to better meet the actual needs.

(1) Pay attention to size selection. It is understood that the flow resistance of ball valves is generally small, and the channels and pipes are almost the same, so they can be used in some areas that are sensitive to medium conditions. When choosing this type of valve, you should pay attention to the choice of size. Different sizes have different weights, and the effects that can be achieved are also different.

(2) Reasonably consider the price. When choosing a valve, in addition to shopping around, economy should also be considered, as long as it can meet the actual needs, it is not a good choice to choose a large size or heavy weight. In addition, the fixed ball valve has a closed valve cavity. If it is used in a low temperature medium or in an environment where vaporization may occur, a valve with a relief device must be selected. When necessary, the ball valve needs to be changed to a butterfly valve or a globe valve.

Generally, this kind of valve is suitable for cutting off pipelines with ball-passing requirements. For the selection of this type of valve, if necessary, it can be selected according to the needs of the channel structure, which can ensure that the needs of multiple channels are met, and the number of valves used can be reduced as much as possible. It is worth reminding that the selection of ball valves also needs to pay attention to the selection of brands and prices, and it is wise to choose valves with high cost performance.

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