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Industrial Valve

  • Onshore Oil and Gas Valve
    Onshore Oil and Gas Valve
    For onshore oil and gas pipelines, we recommend the use of titanium, nickel aluminum bronze, duplex stainless steel, and other materials to make the required valves. These materials guarantee longer service life and a replacement cycle.
  • Petrochem Valve
    Petrochem Valve
    Weidouli has a wide range off-ball, gate, globe, and check valves which are supplied to the Petrochemical market with materials variety of Hastelloy, alloy 20, monel, etc. Also, bellow sealed gate and globe valves or pressure seal bonnet construction structures.
  • Fine Chemical Valve
    Fine Chemical Valve
    In view of the needs in the fine chemical industry, Weidouli specially designed titanium and nickel alloy valves to ensure the stability of the valves, to withstand corrosion under different working conditions, to extend the service life, and to increase the productivity benefits of users.
  • Metallurgy Valve Pal
    Metallurgy Valve Pal
    In view of the harsh working conditions of high temperature, high pressure in the metallurgy industry and strong corrosion, easy crystallization and the impurities particles in the conveying medium, our company independently develops special valves for smelting.
  • Seawater Valve
    Seawater Valve
    To solve the problem of seawater corrosion, we usually choose titanium, (Super) duplex steel, nickel aluminum bronze or austenitic stainless steel to manufacture valves, which ensure service life and longer replacement cycle.
  • Water Treatment Valve
    Water Treatment Valve
    Water treatment requires valves of good corrosion resistance and reliably sealing. Ball valves or butterfly valves are usually used in water treatment to control the flow, opening and closing of water, thus achieving zero leakage and long service life.
  • Pulp Valve
    Pulp Valve
    Titanium alloy valves act as a very suitable solution for the harsh working conditions of paper industry. Over the years, we have produced various titanium Segment ball valves, titanium knife gate valves and other products for different customers in the paper industry.
  • LNG Valve
    LNG Valve
    Ball valves, gate valves, check valves, globe valves and butterfly valves, made of titanium, nickel aluminum bronze and duplex stainless steel, are recommended for pipeline transportation of liquefied natural gas. Our valves are with bear corrosion-resistance, long service life, and a long replacement cycle.
  • Power Valve
    Power Valve
    Valves are mainly used on the pipelines of various systems in power plants to cut or connect the pipeline media. Such as power plant desulfurization system, ash removal system, suitable for the transportation of water, steam, ash slurry, dry powder, and other media.
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