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Zirconium Butterfly Valves

Zirconium is a precious metal and the price is relatively expensive. But as a result of its unique physics and chemistry corrosion resistance performance, so that it cannot be substituted in domain applications and so on the nuclear industry, aviation, civil aviation and chemical industrial. Widely used in pipeline safety technology to ensure long-term, stable and reliable operation.

Zirconium Butterfly Valves
Zirconium Butterfly Valves

Characteristic Of Zirconium Butterfly Valves

Zirconium materials in civilian industry, because it has the outstanding corrosion resistance characteristic in the oxidative medium and the reducible medium corrode condition, in particular in temperature above 100℃ reducible hydrochloric acid and the sulfuric acid, the phosphoric acid, the acetic acid. Has excellent corrosion resistance which other materials like titanium and titanium alloy, nickel and nickel alloy etc. materials are unable to compare. Zirconium valves corrosion resistance compared to the nickel alloy is high to several levels, and widely used in harsh corrosion conditions.

Zirconium Butterfly Valves Anti-corrosion Characteristic And Application

Have excellent corrosion resistance for any density and high temperature even boiling hydrochloric acid, it is not easy to have slit corrosion, point corrosion and stress corrosion. Available in the sulfuric acid medium which a density below 70% and the temperature is a boiling point or higher than the boiling point.  

Available in below 250℃ any density acetic acid medium, and does not corrode nearly. It is any density alkaline solution and the fusing alkali medium unique anti-corrosion material It has extremely good corrosion resistance in the organic acid.

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