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  • Onshore Oil & Gas Valve Cases
    Onshore Oil & Gas Valve Cases
    Project Cases For Onshore Oil & Gas
  • Petrochem Valve Cases
    Petrochem Valve Cases
    Project200,000 tonnes alkylation EPCOwnerSinopecValvesGate valves, Globe valves , Check valves (3/4”~20", 150LB~300LB)MaterialAlloy 20FlowSulphuric acid
  • Fine Chemical Valve Cases
    Fine Chemical Valve Cases
    ProjectEUROCHEM PLANT PHOSPHATIC FERTILIZER PROJECTOwnerEUROCHEMValvesGlobe valves, Check valves, Butterfly valves (DN25~DN250, PN16)Material904LFlowH3PO4, H2SiF6, NH3Owner: EUROCHEM is the largest fe...
  • Metallurgy Valve Pal Cases
    Metallurgy Valve Pal Cases
    Project NameNickel Refinery(Australia)ServiceSulphide PPT Slurry w/dissolved H2S, Leach Slurry, Leach Solution LiquorValvesKnife gate valves(10"~24" 150LB)MaterialTitanium Gr. 12 Max.Tem...
  • Seawater Valve Cases
    Seawater Valve Cases
    ProjectYARA SEAWATER DESALINIZATION PROJECTOwnerYara International ASAValvesCheck valves(DN200~DN250,PN10)MaterialSuper duplex steel check valvesFlowSeawaterOwner: Yara International ASA is a Norwegia...
  • Water Treatment Valve Cases
    Water Treatment Valve Cases
    ProjectOrana 1 Pump StationPlant locationRuby Jo Pond Pump Station David Pond Pump StationValvesBall valves, Check valves, Butterfly valve(2"~24" 150LB)Materi...
  • Pulp Valve Cases
    Pulp Valve Cases
    Project1 million tonnes per year pulp plantPlant locationShandong Asia Pacific SSYMB Pulp and Paper Co., LtdValvesBall valves(3”~16" 150LB)MaterialTitanium Gr.2FlowPulp containing chlorine dioxi...
  • LNG Valve Cases
    LNG Valve Cases
    Project NameTangguh Expansion Project – LNG EPCPlant locationTangguh LNG is a unitized development of six gas fields located in the Winegar, Berau, and Muturi Production Sharing Contracts(PJCs) in Bi...
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