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Threaded Connections and Installation Guidelines for Plug Valves

1. Threaded connection of plug valve

The accumulation of hard slag, dirt or any external substances in the pipeline may hinder the working efficiency of the plug valve and seriously damage the key components of the valve. The inside of the pipe must be thoroughly cleaned with air or steam. When tapping the pipeline, the size and length of the pipeline thread should be measured to avoid filling the pipeline with the valve seat and disc.

Thoroughly clean the end of the thread and remove any harmful steel or iron deposits. If you want to make the welding stronger, our plug valve manufacturer suggests to use Teflon tape or pipe adhesive. Only a small amount of pipe adhesive can be used on the pipe thread, but pipe adhesive must not be used on the valve thread. Do not let any pipe adhesive flow into the valve body to avoid damage to the disc and valve seat.

Before installation, cut off the fluid passing through the plug valve to make the plug valve work normally. Fully close the plug valve door before installation. Put the wrench on the hexagonal bolt head near the pipe to avoid possible deformation. After installing the plug valve such as the plug type control valve, support the pipeline: the sagging pipeline will deform the plug valve and cause failure.

2. Installation guide for plug valves

It is important to remember the purpose of the recommended plug valve and analyze the application environment so as to decide which valve is most suitable for installation. Before installing the correct plug valve, in order to prevent damage to the plug valve and ensure the full performance of the plug special valves, please read the installation guide.

(1) First cut the pipe along the vertical direction, trim and remove burrs, and measure the pipe diameter.

(2) Use gauze or wire brush to remove pipes and cutting parts to make the metal surface glow. Steel wool is not recommended.

(3) Apply flux to the outside of the pipe and the inside of the welding cover. The flux must completely cover the welding surface. Please use flux sparingly.

(4) Make sure that the valve is open. Heat the pipe first. Transfer as much heat as possible from the pipe to the plug valve. Avoid extending the heating time of the plug valve itself.

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