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Discharge Type Control Valves

Discharge type control valves are mainly used for bottom discharge of reactor, tank and other containers, is welded on the bottom of the tank and other containers through the flange at the bottom of the valve. 

According to the actual needs, we design the bottom of the reactor flat and the discharge valve body Y type. The disc is tapered, being be used for flow control, and the inner chamber of the valve is erosion and corrosion-resistant. The sealing surface is sealed by line, which ensures the reliability of the sealing and prevents scarring.

Discharge Type Control Valves
Discharge Type Control Valves
Discharge Type Control Valves

The Features of Discharge Type Control Valves

The discharge valve adopts a Y-type structure, and the intersecting part of the valve cavity is a smooth transition with no dead band. With low flow resistance coefficient, the pressure loss of medium through the valve is small, and the structure is not easy to crystallize.

Replaceable disc and seat for easy maintenance of sealing surface.

Splint fixed rod to prevent wear of sealing surface caused by disc rotation.

The design of double belleville spring in bolt part of packing gland protects the sealing of packing when belleville spring loads.

V-type packing pressing plate prevents sealing leakage of packing caused by the displacement and uneven of packing pressure points. 

The discharge valve has an upward or downward design due to the limitation of the internal structure of the reactor.

Features of Discharge Type Control Valves

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