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How to Distinguish the Regulator Valve?

The regulating valve is also known as the control valve. In the field of industrial automation process control, by accepting the control signal output by the regulating control unit, the final control element that changes the medium flow, pressure, temperature, liquid level and other process parameters is generally composed of actuators and valves. So how should regulating valves be distinguished? What are the precautions for regulator gas valve types?

1. How should the regulator valve be distinguished?

(1) The regulating valve can be divided into straight stroke and angular stroke according to the stroke characteristics. Straight stroke includes: single seat valve, double seat valve, barrel valve, angle valve, three-way valve and diaphragm valve. Angular stroke includes butterfly valve, ball valve, eccentric rotary valve and full-function ultra-light regulating valve.

(2) The regulating valve can be divided into gas regulator valve, electric regulating valve and hydraulic regulating valve according to the driving mode, that is, the gas regulating valve with compressed air as the power source, the electric regulating valve with electricity as the power source, and the liquid medium (Such as oil) pressure as the power of the electro-hydraulic regulating valve.

(3) According to the adjustment form, it can be divided into: adjustment type, cut-off type and adjustment cut-off type.

2. Precautions for installation of gas regulator valve

In the field of industrial processing, people usually use the control instruments of gas regulator valves such as the duplex valve. The application of these instruments is very important. The control instruments can ensure the accuracy of production and processing. Therefore, the staff will take the application of control instruments as one of the important contents in their daily work.

The gas regulator valve is the control instrument of industrial processing process, and it is also the equipment often used in these production fields. When the equipment is working, it can provide power by compressing gas. The working principle of the equipment is very simple and the structure is very reasonable. Therefore, it is very convenient to install and use the gas regulating valve.

Although the operation method is very simple when using the gas regulator valve, in order to ensure more efficient when using the gas regulating valve, the staff need to pay attention to the installation and use method of the equipment. When installing the gas regulating valve, the installation height should be determined first. The installation position of the gas regulating valve should not be too close to the ground. The gas regulating valve should keep a certain distance from the ground. In addition, the device also needs to reserve a certain space size. The advantage of this is that problems with the gas regulating valve are convenient for maintenance operations.

When installing the gas regulating valve, a certain industrial valve co supporting structure should be added under the device, which can make the gas regulating valve more reliable during operation. Some production work units should avoid additional stress when installing the equipment because of the special environment. Staff should pay attention to the dryness of the installation environment of the gas regulating valve in the process of using the gas regulating valve at ordinary times. The humidity in the installation environment should not be too large. They should also ensure smooth passage. Attention must be paid to these problems when installing and using the gas regulator valve at ordinary times.

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