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The Rough Heat Treatment Process of Titanium Ball Valve Body

1. Heat treatment of gray cast iron of titanium ball valve

In order to achieve different purposes, gray cast iron can undergo different heat treatments after casting. In the production of titanium ball valves, the heat treatment processes that are often used for gray cast iron valve bodies and other parts after casting are: thermal aging to eliminate casting stress and high temperature annealing to eliminate free cementite. Thermal aging is a necessary process. High-temperature annealing is only used to replace thermal aging when there is primary cementite in the structure after casting due to improper control of the chemical composition and casting cooling rate during casting.

2. Heat treatment of titanium ball valve austenitic stainless and acid-resistant steel

The main defect of austenitic stainless and acid-resistant steel is that it is prone to intergranular corrosion. Generally, a certain amount of heat treatment can be taken to prevent the steel. In the production of titanium ball valves, the heat treatment processes that are often used for parts such as austenitic stainless and acid-resistant steel valve bodies are: solution treatment (quenching), stabilization treatment and cryogenic treatment.

3. Heat treatment of martensitic heat-resistant steel for titanium ball valve

Martensitic heat-resistant steel should be annealed in time after casting to prevent cracks, and the annealing time should be sufficient (usually 4 to 8 hours). The purpose of annealing titanium ball valve martensitic heat-resistant steel is to eliminate stress, recrystallize, refine grains, reduce hardness, improve cutting performance, and prepare for final heat treatment.

4. Heat treatment of high quality carbon steel of titanium ball valve

The heat treatment of high-quality carbon steel takes the 35-gauge steel valve body as an example. The 35-gauge steel valve body must be normalized after forging. The final heat treatment should be carried out in accordance with the provisions of the titanium ball valve manufacturing technical documents, and generally requires quenching and tempering treatment.

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