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Inconel Ball Valves

Weidouli Valves is very well known for its excellence in executing orders for Inconel ball valves. Inconel Ball Valves has many different grades, such as Inconel 600, Inconel 625, Incoloy 800, Incoloy 800H and Incoloy 825. Different grades have different corrosion resistance, being able to meet various industrial applications. The demand for Inconel ball valves has increased in recent years and we have adapted our policy to meet this increase in demand and to make it easier for our customers.

Inconel Ball Valves

Corrosion Resistance Characteristics of Inconel Ball Valves

  • This type of hand ball valve is manufactured in accordance with ASTM/DIN/GB/T standards. We ensure fast delivery and the best quality. We ensure that our customers receive the best in terms of quality of goods as well as services in the trade.

  • This hand operated valve is in a 2-Piece or 3-Piece design.

  • Weidouli offers different types of industrial valve designed with soft seat or metal seat .

  • Weidouli Inconel ball valves are the version for high-temperature structural applications, being Incoloy 800H. It is used in heat treatment equipment such as baskets and clamps, and also in heat exchangers in the chemical and petrochemical industries.

Application of Inconel Ball Valves

  • Inorganic acid, High performance of corrosion resistance

  • Seawater and saline solution, high performance of corrosion resistance

  • Digester and bleacher in the pulp & paper industry

  • Nuclear steam generator, high performance of high temperature & corrosion resistance

  • Heat-exchange equipment, high-temperature resistance

  • Chemical industry, good corrosion resistance, and high strength

What is Special about Inconel?

Inconel is applied widely in the situation of high-corrosion and stress-corrosion resistance environment. Therefore, Inconel ball valves are very effective in highly corrosive or damaging environments. Besides, Inconel is able to handle the hot corrosive vapors under oxidizing circumstances. What is more, Inconel is special for its large-scale applications in dealing with hot boiler water in nuclear factories. Last but not least, Inconel is much safer than stainless steel.

Is Inconel stronger than Titanium?

Before knowing the answer of which one is stronger, we are going to understand the definition of Inconel and titanium material firstly. Titanium is one of the natural metal materials, which is generally applied by media and filmmakers with the feature of hardness. While Inconel is an alloy that is one of the top 10 materials on earth. Consisting of a mixture of Austenite, Nickle, and Chromium, Inconel is special for its high resistance to high temperature and corrosion. Though there are several differences between Inconel and titanium, no specific standards for the strength comparison. The selection of these two materials will depend on the specific application.

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