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Monel Globe Valves

Monel® is an excellent trim material for aluminum-bronze body valves for seawater service. Monel® is also highly suitable for oxygen service and is highly resistant to corrosion, this range of monel globe valves has been specially designed for gaseous oxygen service. These valves can also be installed behind a barrier (see below figure), with or without gearbox. They are extensively used in industry, especially in steel plants.

Main performance and scope of application: Monel alloy valves have excellent corrosion resistance to hydrofluoric acid (HF), uranium fluoride (UF6, UF4), dilute sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, phosphoric acid, acetic acid, strong alkaline solutions, brine, seawater, and halogen elements, so they are widely used in petrochemical, petroleum refining, atomic energy industry, pharmaceutical industry and other large modern enterprises on the key parts of the piping system

Monel Globe Valves
Monel Globe Valves
Monel Globe Valves

Monel Globe Valves' properties can be summarized as follows

  1. Good corrosion resistance in marine and chemical environments; 

  2. Very insensitive to chloride ion stress corrosion cracking; 

  3. Good mechanical properties from below zero to 550℃; 

  4. Recognized by ASME can be used as pressure vessels at -10~425℃; 

  5. Good processing and welding properties.

Available Monel Globe Valves' material grades

  • Monel 400

  • Monel K500

  • Casting: A494 M35-1, M35-2,M30C

Available Monel Globe Valves material grades

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