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Onshore Oil and Gas Valve

For onshore oil and gas pipelines, we recommend the use of titanium, nickel aluminum bronze, duplex stainless steel, and other materials to make the required valves. These materials guarantee longer service life and replacement cycle, which means helping you save project cost and later maintenance cost.

Types of Valves Used in Oil and Gas Industry

Valves are an essential component in the oil and gas industry, as they help control the flow of fluids, gases, and other materials in pipelines, vessels, and equipment. There are different types of oil and gas valves, each designed for specific applications, conditions, and environments. Due to the high demand for oil and gas, deeper wells, longer pipelines, the device must also be tougher, last longer, and perform better to meet the demands of this industry. Valve service environments and operating conditions are often extreme with high temperatures and high pressure or cryogenic and very low-pressure applications. Another feature important to valves used in the oil and gas industry is the capacity for remote control.

Weidouli Gas Regulator Valve For Onshore Oil & Gas 

  • To serve this application, our incoloy800/825 valves especially ball valve/control ball valve with high temp. resistance is available for high temperature and high pressure. Our normal stainless steel valves are suitable for cryogenic and low-pressure services.

  • Weidouli has different types of valves used in oil and gas industry applications. Our various product lines can help you find the best solution that balanced performance with the cost for your demands. 

  • Onshore oil and gas pipeline often uses ball valves, gate valves, check valves, globe valves, and butterfly valves, but pipeline corrosion will be the very first problem. If the pipeline leaks due to high corrosion, it will not only make the project unable to continue, causing economic losses but also bring serious environmental pollution.

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