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Development Of Pneumatic Valve Control Technology In Industrial Applications

The pneumatic valve control technology is a specialized technology that uses compressed air as a medium to drive and control machinery. The pneumatic valve control technology is widely used in various machinery and equipment due to its advantages of energy-saving, pollution-free, high efficiency, low cost, safety and reliability, and simple structure. The expansion of the application of pneumatic valve control technology is a sign of the development of the pneumatic industry. The application of pneumatic components is mainly two aspects: maintenance and matching.

As pneumatic valve control technology is increasingly applied to the automatic assembly and automatic processing of small parts and special items in various industries, the performance of the original traditional pneumatic components is constantly improving, and new products that meet market requirements are being developed. The variety of pneumatic components is increasing, and its development trend mainly includes the following aspects:

1. Smaller size, lighter weight, and lower power consumption. In the manufacturing industry of electronic components and pharmaceuticals, due to the small size of the workpiece, it is bound to limit the size of pneumatic components. Miniaturization and lightweight are pneumatic components. The first director of development.

2. The power consumption of the solenoid valve has reached 0.5W, which will be further reduced to accommodate the integration with microelectronics.

3. Most of the international use of block-type block structure, not only compact size but also easy to combine and maintain.

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Development Of Pneumatic Valve Control Technology In Industrial Applications

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