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Special Training on Control Valve Actuators from Weidouli

Recently, Weidouli's 2022 special training course on control valve actuators officially started.

This series of courses will invite experts who have extensive experience in control valve actuators in recent years. Employees from relevant departments must participate, and interested employees can sign up to participate.

In the first course, there were more than 40 employees, most of whom belonged to the required departments for this series of courses: sales department, purchasing department, technical department, and after-sales department.


The content of this course is mainly the latest industry information and typical field cases.

Through this course, the sales staff updated their information reserves in order to better communicate with customers in depth and meet their needs efficiently and accurately.

The technical department and the purchasing department can better select the best options when designing products according to the needs of customers, and provide customers with cost-effective solutions.

The after-sales staff pay most attention to the discussion of on-site cases, and strive to provide customers with better and faster services on site.

Weidouli specializes in valve solutions for a variety of harsh conditions. The industry is constantly developing, and regularly organizing relevant training activities for employees is a long-term investment by Weidouli to maintain a high level of products and services.

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