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Weidouli Valves Participated in KHIMIA 2023

Initiated in Moscow in 1965, the KHIMIA international exhibition has evolved into a distinguished chemical trade fair. The 2023 iteration took place in Moscow, Russia, from October 30th to November 2nd, showcasing the latest advancements from Russian and international sectors of the chemical industry. This event serves as the primary convergence point for manufacturers, suppliers of machinery, equipment, and cutting-edge technology for the chemical industry, and consumers of chemical products and services.


In this year’s KHIMIA international chemical exhibition, Weidouli Valves, a proficient valve manufacturer, was an active participant. Weidouli remains steadfast in its commitment to delivering superior special alloy valve products and services to a global clientele. The exhibition also served as a platform to display the company’s products and technical prowess to a broader audience. The event drew professional visitors and customers from across the globe for business discussions. Company representatives enthusiastically elucidated the features and benefits of their products to the visiting customers and engaged in profound exchanges and dialogues with potential clients.


A company spokesperson expressed that this exhibition holds immense significance for the company’s business growth and is optimistic about it ushering in more business prospects and collaborative projects in the future.


KHIMIA 2023 was a resounding success, and Weidouli reaped substantial benefits from this event. We anticipate more companies leveraging such platforms to exhibit their products and technical competencies, thereby contributing significantly to the advancement of the global chemical industry.


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