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TZNT Control Valve

Control valves are products independently developed by our company with independent intellectual property rights. Based on a comparative study of various similar products of international famous brands, we synthesize the different characteristics of three series of control valve products in America, Europe, and Japan, fully absorb their respective advantages and develop this product in combination with their own characteristics and long-term practical experience.

Weidouli’s control valve solutions provide high performance, easy maintenance, parts interchangeability, and long life. Designed to withstand harsh conditions, these are ideal for users in oil and gas, power, petrochemicals, steel, and other manufacturing sectors.

Types Of TZNT Control Valve

Working Principle of Control Valves

By accepting the control signal output from the control unit, the control valve is adjusted with the help of an actuator to change the flow of the controlled medium and ultimately to change the pressure, temperature, liquid level, and other process parameters, generally consisting of an actuator, valve and other accessories.

Weidouli Offers the Control Valves You Want

We customize industrial control valves of different structures and sizes, including control ball valves, plug valves, discharge valves, butterfly valves etc. Furthermore, we have independently developed a series of control valves according to specific requirements. Currently, there are mainly LN Globe Type Control Valves, Angle Type Control Valves, Discharge Type Control Valves etc.

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