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Angle Type Control Valves

Angle-type control valves are the most critical control valves used in the discharge pipe between autoclave in oxygen pressure leaching workshop and flash tank, being able to affect the normal operation and stability of the device as well as the production cost. 

Angle-type control valves are the best choice for mining, smelting, chemical industry equipment in the pipeline. Weidouli Valves company researched “Angle type control valve” which has a strong anti-erosion performance. In order to meet the customer's use requirements, our angle-type control valves have made reasonable designs in structure and material selection.

Angle Type Control Valves
Angle Type Control Valves
Angle Type Control Valves

The Structure and Material Selection of Angle Type Control Valves

Valve chamber cushioning design

When the pulp passes through the valve core, it must first be decompressed to facilitate the cushioning effect. With cushioning design, the inner chamber can reduce the medium pressure instantaneously, and the pulp will not wear and wash the valve body too heavily. 

No dead band design at turning position

The no-dead band design can keep the fluid flowing smoothly, without frontal erosion of shell walls and inner parts due to sharp turning.

Special Materials

The plug and seat are made of WSV alloy material with strong cavitation resistance, which can effectively reduce the damage of the plug and seat caused by cavitation. Therefore, our angle-type control valves can work longer in a high-speed flow medium.

Hawking Metal Surface Processing Technology

The surface roughness of the elements processed by the Hawking Machine is less than Ra0.2, which improves its surface hardness and wear resistance, reduces the wear of sealing filler and the valve torque, and makes the seal of the dynamic sealing part more reliable.

Spring-loaded to compensate seal automatically

The Belleville spring is used to load the connecting bolt between packing and gland flange to prevent an abnormal change of pressure and temperature in the pipeline. The Belleville spring can automatically compensate for and protective sealing.

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