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How Much Do You Know About Marine Valves?

1. The classification of parts and components of ship valves

Marine valves are more common products in different industry sectors, commonly used for cutting off the flow of pipeline media, for several commonly used marine valves for classification, and a detailed explanation of marine valve parts, marine valve parts other parts structural characteristics.

Marine valves according to the handle orientation and stem flat mouth position, can easily determine the position of the ball of the marine valve in the closed or open. Inverted stem can effectively prevent external leakage, stem flying out, safe and reliable. Marine valves are set up with anti-static devices, which can export static electricity and prevent electric sparks from being generated. Medium temperature ball valve (200 to 450℃) adopts high compression rate and high resilience material as compensation for thermal expansion and contraction, so that the valve seat can move freely and the sealing sub-sealing ratio pressure always meets the sealing requirements. Marine valve body butt end face, the use of concave and convex static seal to prevent the seal material failure due to cold flow and scouring by the medium.

2. The installation of marine valves to pay attention to the fluid flow

Marine valve globe valve installation to pay attention to fluid flow direction, should make the pipeline fluid flow from the bottom up through the valve seat mouth, that is, the so-called "low into the high mountains", the purpose is to reduce fluid resistance, so as to open the effort and ensure that the closing state of the stem, packing parts do not contact with the medium, to ensure that the stem and packing box of the marine valve does not damage and leakage. Marine valve globe valve is mainly used for water, steam, compressed air and a variety of materials pipeline, globe valve can more accurately regulate the flow and tightly cut off the channel, but can not be used for viscosity, easy to crystallize, containing suspended and crystalline particles of the media through the pipeline. Marine valve globe valve body can be manufactured from a variety of materials, commonly used under general pressure cast iron, higher pressure available cast steel or forged steel manufacturing, valve disc and seat with bronze, brass or stainless steel manufacturing.

3. To clean up the impurities in the marine valve

Marine valve installation operations must be careful, do not hit the brittle materials manufactured by the marine valve. Before installation, the marine valve should be reviewed to verify the specifications and models, identification with or without protection, especially for the valve stem, but also rotate several times to see if it can be tilted, due to the shipping process, the most likely to hit the crooked stem. Also clean up the marine valves within the debris. Marine valve lifting, the rope should not be tied to the handwheel or stem to protect the component, should be tied to the flange.

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