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Marine Valve

Types of Valves in Ship

We can customize valves of different materials and structures in view of the demand for valves in the marine industry. The corrosion of seawater is very serious, which requires the valve material must be resistant to chloride ion corrosion. In particular, titanium is recommended as a priority since it is hardly corroded by chloride ions. In addition, due to the limited space in the cabin, we can customize all kinds of compact butterfly valves, check valves, and other valve types to solve the problem of installation space limitation.

Weidouli Marine & Valve Supply

Valves play a critical role in the marine industry. Valves are used to regulate the loading and storage of a ship's power supply, provide water for fire-fighting capabilities, handle and process wastewater and store any liquid cargo, among many other applications. a valve that processes sea water must be durable, and all marine valves must be reliable due to lack of resources once out at sea.

To serve this industry, Weidouli Valves design many types of valves in the ship, our Monel, Nickel-aluminum bronze, Duplex Steel, and Super-Duplex Steel valves particularly globe-type valves with corrosive resistance are available for your applications.

Weidouli Valves supply a wide range of industrial applications, particularly where reliability, high performance, and valve longevity are important.

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