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Duplex Valve

Duplex steel

Duplex steel combines excellent corrosion resistance with high strength, which is offering superior stress corrosion cracking resistance in chloride solutions, high corrosion resistance to dilute sulphuric acid and phosphoric acid.
The lower nickel and molybdenum content of the Duplex Stainless Steels as compared to the austenitic grades with similar corrosion resistance, gives the Duplex grades a lower cost.

Industrial Processes Applications:

Duplex steel excels in many industrial processes. The following are some of the environments which duplex steel is fully resistant.

      •  Ammonium Bicarbonate

  Ammonium Bromide

  Ammonium Carbonate

  Ammonium Hydroxide

  Ammonium Oxalate

  Ammonium Phosphate              

  Ammonium Sulfate

  Ammonium Sulfide

  Ammonium Sulfite

  Benzoic Acid

  Calcium Chloride

  Calcium Hydroxide

  Calcium Nitrate

  Carbon Tetrachloride


  Copper Acetate

  Copper Carbonate

  Copper Cyanide

  Cupric Chloride

  Ethyl Chloride

  Gallic Acid

  Magnesium Carbonate

      •  Magnesium Chloride

  Magnesium Sulfate

  Malic Acid

  Mercuric Cyanide

•  Mercuric Nitrate

  Nitric Acid

  Nitrous Acid 

  Perchloric Acid

  Phosphoric Acid

  Picric Acid

  Potassium Bromide

  Potassium Cyanide

  Potassium Dichromate

  Potassium Hydroxide

  Potassium Iodide

  Potassium Oxalate

  Potassium Permanganate          

  Potassium Sulfate

  Pyrogallic Acid

  Quinine Bisulfate (Dry)

  Quinine Sulfate (Dry)

  Silver Bromide

      •  Silver Nitrate

  Sodium Acetate

  Sodium Bicarbonate

  Sodium Bisulfate

  Sodium Bromide

  Sodium Chlorate

  Sodium Chlorite

  Sodium Nitrate

  Sodium Nitrite

  Sodium Peroxide

  Sodium Silicate

  Sodium Sulfate

  Sodium Sulfide

  Sodium Sulfite

  Stannic Chloride

  Sulfuric Acid

  Sulfurous Acid


  Zinc Chloride

  Zinc Sulfate


Valve Applications

Duplex steel valves mainly apply in neutral chloride environment and serve many different applications in these industries:

•  Chemical

•  Petrochemical

•  Oil& Gas

•  Pulp and paper

•  Desalination

•  LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas)

•  Oil Refining