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Inconel Valve
Inconel 600/625
Inconel is family of austenitic nickel-chromium-based superalloys. Inconel alloys are oxidation and corrosion resistant materials well suited for service in extreme environments.
Different Inconels have widely varying compositions, but all are predominantly nickel, with chromium as the second element, good resistance to stress corrosion in high concentration chloride solution.

Industrial Processes Applications: 
Inconel alloys are typically used in high temperature applications, especially in high-temperature water or in which containing NaOH . Widely used in high-temperature water, high temperature alkali solution etc. corrosive environments.
• NAOH                                                   • Nitric Acids
• Phosphoric Acids                                 • Mixed Acids
• Sulfurous Acids                                    • Organic Acids
• Alkalis                                                  • Salt Solutions
• Hydrogen Sulfide                                 • Acetaldehyde
• Acetic acid                                           • Acetic anhydride
• Acetylene                                             • Acrylonitrile
• Alchols                                                 • Aluminum chloride
• Aluminus Sulfate                                  • Amines
• Ammonia Anhydrous                            • Amm. Bicarbonate
• Ammonium carbonate                          • Ammonium  chloride
• Ammonium hydroxide

Valve Applications
Inconel valves serve many different applications in these industries:
• Chemical process 
• Petrochemical 
• Oil& Gas
• Metallurgy  
• Mining
• Oil Refining

Incoloy 800/800H/825

Alloy 825 offers exceptional resistance to sulphuric and phosphoric acids, and is considered as the most cost effective alloy in sulphuric acid service.
Alloy 800H has good resistance to nitric acid, organic acid. Incoloy800 confers resistance to a variety of medium such as Fluoride and chloridion under condensation condition, and also resist to H2SO4, HNO3 and mixed solutions.

Industrial Processes Applications:

Incoloy 800/800H/825 excels in many industrial processes. The following are some of the environments which is fully resistant.

  Sulphuric acid

  Phosphoric acid


  Amino acid

  Oxidising Salts

  Nitric acid.

  Ammonium sulphate

   Carbon dioxide

   Organic acid

   Potassium hydroxide

   Hydrochloric acid solution

   Sodium hydroxide


Valve Applications

Incoloy valves serve many different applications in these industries:


  Marine exhaust systems


  Oil Refining

  Water and seawater