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Weidouli Passed the SIL 3 certification
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Weidouli is a Alloy valve manufacturer China, it has got the SIL 3 certificate, means our product quality has met the international safety standards, and indicating that the our products have reached the highest safety requirements for instrumentation products in the petrochemical process production process.

In modern industrial production process, the whole control system is required not to allow any safety weaknesses because of complex equipment and complex technology. Once the valves fail, it may cause the failure of the whole system, which will cause disastrous consequences for personnel, equipment and environment, such as fire and explosion. In recent years, many explosions occurred in domestic petrochemical industry, safety issue is very important. Customers must trust more who get the SIL certificate.

Meanwhile, our special material control valves are widely used in fine chemical industry, petroleum refining, metallurgical smelting, pulping and paper industry.

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