Titanium knife gate valve
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Technical Specification

Design Standard: API, ASME, EN, ISO, JIS, DIN, BS, GB

Connection type: Flange, Wafer, Lug

Pressure range: 150LB, 1.0MPa~25.0MPa

Size range: NPS3/8”-40”, DN10~DN1000

Drive: Hand wheel, Gear, Electric, Pneumatic actuator

Design Feature:

Titanium knife gate valve is designed specifically for reliable in difficult services in pulp and paper mill, petrochemical industries, mining ect. application. This type valve is with optional seats and can be specially designed with electric, pneumatic actuation based on the local control, which facilitates automatically operation.


1.    Designed with wafer type structure, shorter face to face dimension, small volume,light weight. It is convenient for installation, carriage, storage and piping layout. It’s cost-effective valve.

2.    Packing seal use Japan DAKIN PTFE..

3.    The knife shape gate can easily cut off materials, fibers and sundries, preventing clogging and easy for closure and open.

4.    Replaceable seat make sure easy for repairing.

5.    Designed with straight type, small flow resistivity and more safe application.

6.    Handwheel with anti-corrosive plastic coating, which obtains good look and convenient for handle

7.    The complete round port area provides maximum flow capacity and minimum head loss.

8. Operation: Hand wheel, Gear, Pneumatic, Hydraulic, Electric actuator

Main Part Material :

Titanium Gr2, Titanium Gr3, Titanium G5, Titanium Gr6, Titanium Gr7, Titanium Gr12

Titanium GrC2、GrC3、GrC5、GrC6、Ti-Pd7B、GrC12

Titanium GrF2、GrF3、GrF5、GrF6、GrF7、GrF12