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New Equipments Arrived at Weidouli
With the successful completion of the companys working spaceexpansion in mid 2019, Weidouli adopted several new equipments, including CNCmach… 【Details】 Release time:2020-01-07
Training Course for API
Weidouli valves is held the training course for the American petroleuminstitutes API petroleum pipe standards from November 17th to 22th, 201… 【Details】 Release time:2020-01-07
Director Zhou Zan visit Weidouli Com…
In order to further promote the innovationdriven development of our district, on November 15, Zhou Zan, the StandingCommittee of the District… 【Details】 Release time:2020-01-03
Weidouli Annual Traveling
With the continuous developmentand expansion of our companys scale, the company culture is becoming more andmore standardized, and the manage… 【Details】 Release time:2020-01-03
WEIDOULI valve actively explore the …
WEIDOULI valve actively explore the international marketIn recent years, the company has developed the international market, always committed… 【Details】 Release time:2019-09-20
Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!
Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!As a Alloy valve manufacturer, today we would like to share you our traditional Chinese festival, which is called M… 【Details】 Release time:2019-09-12
Daily maintenance of high temperatur…
Daily maintenance of high temperature gate valve shared by Alloy valve manufacturer.Daily maintenance of high temperature gate valve is as fo… 【Details】 Release time:2019-09-10
Weidouli valves are certified for lo…
Weidouli valves are certified for low leakageOverview of low leakage: the alloy valve from meeting the basic limit of internal leakage and ex… 【Details】 Release time:2019-08-30
Quality assurance of Weidouli Specia…
Quality assurance of Weidouli Special ValvesAll special alloy valve products manufactured by Weidouli company have been insured by China Paci… 【Details】 Release time:2019-08-23
Weidouli control valves have SIL qua…
Weidouli control valves have SIL qualification.Weidouli LN series Control valves were vertified by TUV which meet the SIL standard defined re… 【Details】 Release time:2019-08-20
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