Water & wastewater
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Water and Wastewater Industry

Wastewater is the water supply of a community after it has been soiled by use. It may contain human and household wastes, industrial wastes as well as groundwater. The wastewater treatment process can range from relatively simple to very complex. Because wastewater from households or agriculture does not contain the same substances as industrial waste water. In the food processing industry, the composition of waste water is different from that in the chemical industry.

Wastewater is most often collected by gravity sewers, and then lifted by pumps to allow it to flow through the treatment process. Raw sewage is, by its very nature, a difficult material to control. 

To serve this industry, we usually select titanium/hastelloy/duplex valve. Before you quote, pls provide us the specific service, so we can help you select suitable materials – from the material used for the body to the seal.